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  • LHCb lead collisions November 26, 2015
    Lead ions collide in the LHCb detector (Image: LHCb) For more information about this image visit the CERN Document Server.
    Cian O'Luanaigh
  • Keep on truckin' November 18, 2015
    This truck creates vibrations in the ground to measure how seismic waves travel through the rock beneath the surface (Image: Sophia Bennett) For more information about this image visit the CERN Document Server.
    Cian O'Luanaigh
  • RFQ up close November 12, 2015
    This entry for the CERN Photowalk 2015 contest shows detail from a radiofrequency cavity - a structure that accelerates charged particles (Image: Gaetan De Freitas) For more information about this image visit the CERN Document Server.
    Cian O'Luanaigh

RSS CERN: Updates for the general public

  • Raising the (G)bar for antimatter exploration March 17, 2017
    Iva Raynova Installation of the GBAR linac in its shielding bunker. The electrons accelerated to 10 MeV toward a target will produce the positrons that are necessary to form antihydrogen with the antiprotons coming from the ELENA decelerator. (Image: Max Brice/CERN) The absence of antimatter in the universe is a long-standing jigsaw puzzle in physics. […]
    Iva Maksimova Raynova
  • CERN: ideal for entrepreneurship, for those who take a leap March 17, 2017
    Ranveig Strom for the KT group Entrepreneurship students brainstorming potential applications for CERN technologies during the NTNU Screening Week in 2016. (Image: Sophia Elizabeth Bennet/CERN) It is well-known that CERN is a hub for top-notch scientists, engineers and professionals from all corners of the world, committed to advance their fields, to explore the unknown and […]
    Stefania Pandolfi
  • LHCb observes an exceptionally large group of particles March 16, 2017
    Stefania Pandolfi A typical LHCb event fully reconstructed. Particles identified as pions, kaon, etc. are shown in different colours. (Image: LHCb collaboration) The LHCb experiment at CERN is a hotbed of new and outstanding physics results. In just the last few months, the collaboration has announced the measurement of a very rare particle decay and […]
    Stefania Pandolfi

RSS CERN: Updates for students and educators

  • Award season at the ATLAS Experiment March 8, 2017
    Katarina Anthony From left to right: ATLAS Spokesperson Dave Charlton; awardees Matthias Saimpert, Benjamin Philip Nachman, Joana Machado Miguéns, Lene Bryngemark, Kurt Brendlinger and Miguel Arratia, C. Gemme and K. Tokushuku (Image: S. Biondi/ATLAS Experiment) The ATLAS Thesis Awards highlight outstanding contributions to the collaboration by PhD students. The theses awarded can cover any area […]
    Stefania Pandolfi
  • Applications for S’Cool LAB Days in 2017/18 now open March 1, 2017
    S'Cool LAB Students working at CERN during a S'Cool LAB Day. (Image: CERN) High school teachers are invited to apply now to visit S’Cool LAB between September 2017 and June 2018 for a full day programme of hands-on particle physics experiments & CERN tours. S’Cool LAB is a new Physics Education Research facility at CERN. High […]
    Anais Schaeffer
  • Meet the talented recipients of the ATLAS PhD Grant February 23, 2017
    Katarina Anthony Chilufya Mwewa, one of the 2017 ATLAS PhD Grant recipients. (Image: S. Biondi/ATLAS Experiment) Motivated. Outstanding. Enthusiastic. These are the criteria used when selecting the recipients of the ATLAS PhD Grant. It’s a tough competition. Now in its fourth year, the Grant gives doctoral students an opportunity to benefit from world-class research, supervision […]
    Stefania Pandolfi