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  • LHCb lead collisions November 26, 2015
    Lead ions collide in the LHCb detector (Image: LHCb) For more information about this image visit the CERN Document Server.
    Cian O'Luanaigh
  • Keep on truckin' November 18, 2015
    This truck creates vibrations in the ground to measure how seismic waves travel through the rock beneath the surface (Image: Sophia Bennett) For more information about this image visit the CERN Document Server.
    Cian O'Luanaigh
  • RFQ up close November 12, 2015
    This entry for the CERN Photowalk 2015 contest shows detail from a radiofrequency cavity - a structure that accelerates charged particles (Image: Gaetan De Freitas) For more information about this image visit the CERN Document Server.
    Cian O'Luanaigh

RSS CERN: Updates for the general public

  • The LHC has restarted for its 2017 run April 28, 2017
    Harriet Jarlett Final tests were performed in the LHC at the end of April, ready for the restart this weekend (Image: Maximilien Brice/ CERN) Today, the LHC once again began circulating beams of protons, for the first time this year. This follows a 17-week-long extended technical stop. Over the past month, after the completion of […]
    Harriet Kim Jarlett
  • Who switches on the LHC? April 28, 2017
    Harriet Jarlett Rende Steerenberg is in charge of the Operations teams, who today are back in the CERN Control Centre as the LHC is turned on with beam for the first time in 2017 (Image: Sophia Bennett/CERN) Rende Steerenberg is affectionately known around CERN as the man who pushes the button to restart the LHC, […]
    Harriet Kim Jarlett
  • CERN and American Physical Society sign SCOAP3 April 28, 2017
    The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN1) and the American Physical Society (APS2) signed an agreement today for SCOAP3(link is external) – the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics. Under this agreement, high-energy physics articles published in three leading journals of the APS will be open access as from January 2018. All authors worldwide […]
    Harriet Kim Jarlett

RSS CERN: Updates for students and educators

  • 40th CERN School of Computing goes to Spain: Apply now! April 10, 2017
    Sebastian Lopienski Applications are now open for CERN’s 40th School of Computing. The CSC 2017 will take place from 27 August to 9 September 2017 in Madrid, Spain, in collaboration with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).   The two-week programme consists of more than 50 hours of lectures and hands-on exercises, all in advanced, interesting and […]
    Harriet Kim Jarlett
  • Sit down for coffee with the Standard Model April 7, 2017
    Julia Woithe The Standard Model Lagrangian on a mug available in the CERN shop (Image: CERN) A new, open-access paper, published in Physics Education, helps teachers to explain the Standard Model and the equation used to describe it. The Standard Model of particle physics is one of the most successful theories about how our Universe works, […]
    Harriet Kim Jarlett
  • (Almost) the whole world represented in BL4S April 6, 2017
    Students from the Beamline for Schools competition in 2016 working at their experiment (Image: Noemí Carabán Gonzalez/CERN) On 31 March 2017 the submission period ended for the fourth Beamline for Schools competition with a huge total of 180 teams sending in proposals to conduct an experiment to CERN.  The proposals have come from 43 countries across all 5 […]
    Harriet Kim Jarlett